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The Best in Basement Renovations

Swift Renos is the leading provider of basement renovation solutions in Toronto. We are just what you need to turn your impractical basement to a modern, useful and attractive living space. We provide all types of services related to basement renovation including basement design to basement flooring, tiling, and painting as well as installing built-in shelves. We can also help design and implement a full-fledged basement kitchen, install a basement fireplace or a bathroom as the case may be.

Why You Need a Basement Renovation

The reason many homeowners opt to carry out a basement renovation project is so as to repurposes the room for some other use. Ideas such as making it a multimedia space, small home office, fitness room or even extra guest room are very popular. However, the idea of repurposing a basement as a modern kitchen is becoming very popular in many Toronto neighborhoods. 

For a basement kitchen remodel, at Swift Renos we are uniquely suited to provide you with workable ideas of what to opt for. We help you decide which fixtures, appliances, and flooring will work best for your new basement kitchen. Of course, the nature and extent of the renovation will depend on the budget you have at hand.

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We take a lot of pride in our innovative basement designs. The design stage is perhaps the most important part of a basement renovation project. It is at this point when the client gets a clear picture of what the finished project will look like. We offer detailed and customized designs to ensure that the renovated basement not only fits the client’s needs but that it meets (if not exceeds) their vision for the living space.

We use the latest CAD software to design lifelike 3D designs for basement renovations. Even for an engineer, it is difficult to visualize what the final result of a complete basement renovation would look like once complete. It is even harder for the average homeowner to create such an impression. This is why we offer detailed 3D renders of the renovated basement so the client can orient themselves with the final result once the renovation is complete.

The basement design is done by professional designers and is usually included free as part of every basement renovation project. These designs are not stock renders bust customized and unique 3D renders of each basement project based on the needs of the client, layout of the particular basement and the complexity of the project.

We have a host of flooring materials we can use on your basement floor. We evaluate each client’s needs before settling on the ideal flooring solution. The choice will be based on factors such as the amount of traffic, sunlight hitting the floor and other factors which will influence the amount of wear and tear the floor material will get.

In most cases, laminate flooring is an ideal choice for basement flooring especially if the traffic is light. Vinyl is great where there is a risk of moisture damage. We also have a large choice of linoleums and solid wood.

We understand that some flooring material can look awesome in a catalog or website but when it is finally installed the result is hideous on your floor. As such, we will bring along samples of every proposed floor material so you can get a more realistic assessment of its look and feel once it is installed.

Tiling and painting is a great way to finish off your basement renovation project. This is especially the case if the project involves the addition of a basement bathroom or kitchen. We have a virtually inexhaustible selection of ceramic tiles to help finish off your project in the greatest style. We also do everything possible to bring you the most suitable color grout for adding a splash of elegance and style to your basement renovation project.

Have you been considering having a complete basement renovation for your Toronto home? Swift Renos is the solution you need. Call us today for a detailed quote for free. We will help you design the most modern and stylish basement to meet your needs and budget.