Bathroom Renovations in Toronto

A bathroom renovation can seem like an expensive often-dismissed option, but the bathroom can be an escape for many, especially for a relaxing soak in the tub. You can turn your bathroom into a space that echoes an expensive, luxurious spa! Swift Renos provides bathroom renovations all over the Greater Toronto area for all different sized spaces to create a peaceful haven.

Why You Need a Bathroom Renovation

There are many reasons why a new bathroom is beneficial to the home. First of all, like other home renovations, a renovated bathroom can add value to your home if you were looking to sell. Potential buyers could be swayed by a beautiful bathroom that is almost like a spa sanctuary! Also, there are many luxurious bathroom options that older bathrooms do not have that you can now implement, including heated towel racks and jet spas. Perhaps you have an existing bathtub that is getting harder and harder to get in and out of. A bathroom renovation can supply a gorgeous walk-in or curbless shower.

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Bathroom renovations come with many different aspects. Everything from the design of the shower/bath and even the toilet should be considered, especially if working with smaller bathrooms. Will there be just a shower? Just a bath? Both or a combination? Is there room for cabinets or a closet even? What about where the sink and toilet will go? Our experts will advise on the measurements and what suits each space, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Swift Renos do not rely on subcontractors. All of our work is proudly done by us, and we have an excellent team of fully insured plumbers, electricians and other trades under one roof to ensure you get expert advice and work done on every aspect of your bathroom renovation. We will manage all the schedules in a seamless way, so there is no delay due to waiting for a tradesman so your bathroom renovation is finished in a timely stress-free manner.

A bathroom has many focal points, and we aim to make sure each one is suited to your needs and that they all complement each other rather than different designs for each. Starting with the obvious – A bathroom is not complete without a bath…or shower! As mentioned earlier, sometimes a bathtub can become bothersome to get in and out of. A walk-shower is a great solution, and Swift Renos can create one with beautiful tiles instead of manufactured plastic ones that look out of place. If space allows, some bathrooms both a walk-in shower and a bathtub, for those days you need deserve a nice soak after a long day! Of course, Swift Renos can provide a traditional bath/shower combination but turn this into something spectacular rather than your manufactured sets.

The bathroom sink is another focal point, and they don’t have to be plain and white! Basins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes nowadays. We will help you pick one that suits the design of your bathroom, whether that be more rounded, square or something else. Even the style of faucet can be down to you. Even the toilet itself does not have to be plain! There are different shapes that fit any style from traditional to contemporary. Our plumbers are ready to work with all types!

The style and layout of tiles in your bathroom can make all the difference. We offer an extensive selection of beautiful tiles and stone designs to bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom. We know a bathroom can be a humid environment, and we have kept this in mind when it comes to giving advice on what works best and the materials used to apply it. From marble walls to mosaic-style tiles, bright or colorful, the choice is yours when it comes to your bathroom!

If you are wanting to renovate your bathroom but don’t know where to start, our experts can assist in giving advice. This includes our own interior designers that have a keen eye for all sorts of styles. Our interior designers know how to utilize every space in the bathroom to create an opulent room to be proud of, even down to the use of color accents that can create a peaceful mood.

At Swift Renos, you’ll find more than just ordinary general contractors! We are a fully insured general contractor that operates entirely in the Greater Toronto area that will give your bathroom the revamp that will leave you and guests in awe! If your bathroom could use an update, we will do all the hard work from design, plumbing, electrics, and more. Get in touch to discuss how we can create a stunning new bathroom with your budget.